Spend a full day immersed in the magic of marbling! 3087984830_49c46d0746_mGinny Moreland has been marbling for ten years, showing and selling works and teaching for most of that time.  She has studied with several distinguished marblers, primarily through the Campbell Folk School and Asheville Bookworks.

OBJECTIVE:  Learn the basic techniques of traditional Western marbling on paper, including the preparation of materials and the construction and use of tools.  Information about the history of marbling and the current state of the craft will be included.  You will enjoy playing with color and patterns, and letting your creativity flow!

EXPERIENCE NEEDED:  Absolutely none!  Marbling does not tools, at Ft. Defiancerequire any art experience or the ability to draw or paint.  It is nearly impossible not to have fun while marbling in a relaxed environment.  We’ll emphasize easily paced instruction and exploration of individual interests.

COST:  Thecolors2 workshop fee of $75.00 covers the use of tools and all materials needed.

WEAR:   Old clothes that you don’t mind getting messy and paint-spattered.  Shoes that are comfortable for extended periods of standing.  (Seating is available for anyone with special needs and we’ll take breaks during the day.)  Rubber or latex gloves are recommended for those with sensitive skin.  I will have disposables for those who need them.

TO INQUIRE:  Contact Ginny Moreland by email or by phone at 828-449-4294.   I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

FRIDAY preparation – optional. 
 I will be working for an hour or two Friday afternoon/evening in preparation for the workshop.  Students who wish to fully understand the marbling process are welcome to observe or assist if we can find an agreeable time. We will make the “size,” the thickened water on which marbling paints floats, and will mix an alum solution and apply it to enough paper to get us started on Saturday.  We’ll also be mixing a selection of paints to use on Saturday, and setting up the workstations.  There is no additional charge for the Friday time.

SATURDAY:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The location is my home studio in Black Mountain.  We’ll take breaks and talk during lunch. I’ll have some simple snacks, but please bring your own lunch and beverage.

We’ll spend most of the day at the tanks, learning to apply color to the bath, adjust paints for best performance, manipulate the color into patterns, lay down the paper to create a print, and handle the print as it is rinsed, dried, and pressed.  We’ll be using acrylic paints and a variety of paper types for this class.

We’ll learn several of the basic patterns as well as free-form marbling, and if desired we can explore more complex patterning.  We’ll cover both “stone” patterns where paint is sprinkled on the tank, and the beautiful intricate patterns created with rakes and  combs.

We’ll look at some ways to use your newly created paper. One of my favorites is gift wrapping!  This shows two patterns you could reasonably expect to make in the beginners workshop.Gift box and envelope


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