Show preparation

Yesterday went through the inventory ritual – which was long overdue.  Sorting through all the piles of paper.  Some times it’s like meeting an old friend with great enthusiasm.  Sometimes it’s like meeting an old flame and wondering “what the heck did I ever see in ___?”   Then the slicing starts.  Cutting off bad parts, paring full sheets into smaller sizes, salvaging small pieces for cards or origami.IMG_20151020_160321023 IMG_20151020_160303736

Workshop filling up!

I recently scheduled my first marbling workshop since moving to our new house a few months ago.  With the large garage/studio I can accommodate a small group comfortably.  A few places are left in the class on Saturday, June 7.  $75.00 includes all materials needed, use of a full set of tools, and of course friendly instruction and lots of fun!   Check the workshops page for more information.  IMG_20140412_110610 IMG_20140416_165707


Provoked into action by a call from the local arts league for small works and big works, I made a reduced scale version of the hexagonal box I’m so fond of.  As a little extra,


I did some miniature “sequence paintings” that fit in the box.  Tomorrow it gets submitted to the show.



as the end draws near….

The end, that is, of a six day marbling marathon.  You’re guessing which will you run out of first – alummed paper, mixed paints, or functioning size.   This is my favorite time, when I’m least attached to the outcmes, but still ready to play.  My carageenen (the liquid base on which you marble)  has been remarkably well behaved – lastng since I first mixed it Thursday night, with just a few top-offs of fresh size.  Often it is paper I run out of first, and rather than do more alumming I start going through my stash of marbled papers, selecting the ones that have sat on the shelf too long due to some problem.  0ften a second marbling on top of the first can do wonders and turn a mediocre sheet into a primo one.  Other times it can be a disaster, but a learning experimeent.  The size still has some life in it, so now I have more fun combining the little dregs of colors together when they get too low to use.   Image

Last batch of scarves

I’ve neglected this blog for so long.  These are just a few of a nice batch of scarves I produced during the summer.  Took many of them to SUUSI and came back with a lot fewer!  The store where I had consigned them is closed, and I’ve yet to seek out a new home.  I’m not doing any online selling right now, as I felt constantly guilty about updating the content.  My time is divided among many interests these days,  so marbling isn’t always at the top of the list.
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Three days at Bookworks!

decbindingclassprojectsFriday through Sunday I enjoyed a great workshop on basic binding techniques. It allowed me to reinforce some fundamentals and learn new techniques.  We got a lot of practice preparing text blocks and sewing.  We made five structures culminating in an Ethiopian binding which involves sewing with four needles simultaneously.  A special bonus was using the studio’s board shear to rapidly reduce my stock of book board into sizes I need for ongoing products.  We are SO lucky to have Asheville Bookworks here for our learning and community!