Five silent months

What in the world have I been doing since last January? Quite a lot, though unblogged. First, a four month library position in Asheville. Second, looking for a new house in Black Mountain. Third, getting by with just a Samsung tablet when my last computer died. Together with the fact that I had to pack up all my binding supplies and relocate them in the basement, ColorTwirl Marbling has been in slow motion.

Finally I got the wordpress app on my tablet and can communicate again. With SUUSI approaching, I dyed and marbled a new batch of scarves. Used the low-immersion dying method this time, which gives a lovely mottled effect to the colored. The marbling can be a little subtle over this base, but it also means that the back side of the scarves are very attractive. Haven’t photographed them properly yet, but a few shots in process here. Also producing a few more books and boxes before we leave on Sunday. The Artisans Bazaar at SUUSI is much expanded this year in space, hours, and vendors, so we’re hoping for high traffic and sales.





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