Even a mini-move is a project!

Today I am filling bags and boxes with household and personal items I want to have with me in Asheville.  This week I start a part-time, temporary Interim library job at UNCA while they search for a new University Librarian.  I’ll live in a small apartment on campus, which will house me 3 to 4 days per week.  Love the convenience, though it has all the institutional charm you may remember from dorm living.

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Now someone who truly could practice simple living would probably just accept the place as is and use the random dishes, glasses, etc. that are provided.  Not me.  Cabin fever will set in quickly if I don’t make it more homey and beautiful.  For once being burdened with an excess of “stuff” comes in handy.  I’ve been able to cull out select pieces of art, pottery, glass, etc. that will go to Asheville without leaving gaping holes at home.  The predominant color scheme of my 450 sq. feet is dark blue, blue/grey, grey and a cool white.  As it happens, true blue (as opposed to blue-green, aqua, teal, etc.)  is the color I am least likely to select in home furnishings.  So I’ve had fun trolling good-will and second hand stores, and picking through the house for the very occasional blue item I can find (most belonged to my husband before we merged households seven years ago.)  I’m going to post a few pictures of the “before” apartment.  Any decorating suggestions are welcome!


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