Joy in Charlotte

   I returned last night from five days in Charlotte at the annual General    Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  We are a small denomination, so to see more than 4,000 of us gathered together for worship, governance, and celebration is a distinct privilege.  I am grateful to be retired so that I didn’t have to break the spell by going off to work, but I hardly know how to reenter my daily routine.  I have so much to process, to work on, and to figure out how to share with others in my congregation.

Some highlights included an interfaith rally with the Standing on the Side of Love campaign, which local folks may have seen in the news, music – of course – including singing in the GA choir, watching the Moderator of UUA, Gini Courter, do her magical job of conducting a business meeting with something like 1500 delegates in the room and 20-some more participating off-site via internet connections.  And not to bypass my arty side, there was an exhibit hall which was heavily sprinkled with amazing fibre art – much of it in the form of hand-made ecclesiatical stoles and other accessories of ministry.   Both inventive hand-quilted stoles in endless colors and themes, and some stunning hand-dyed silk stoles, robes, tunics, etc. left me gawking.

You can find video and audio recordings of much of the conference online now – and most of it is free.



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