Mangling – or – Managing Social Media?

I try to keep up, but the media tools keep morphing while I’m not looking.  In any case I’m going to be working harder on this, getting the communication channels well-oiled in anticipation of increased output and outreach when I retire in a few months.

I had let Etsy go idle for a while, and now I’ve decided to try Artfire, another online shopping venue with a large handmade section.  I will probably end up selling books and boxes, paper products on Artfire, and using Etsy for scarves and handkerchiefs.

I’ve also set up a Facebook Page (distinct from my personal profile) for ColorTwirl Marbling.  We’ll see if I can get the automatic posts from WordPress to go there.

Yesterday was pretty productive beyond playing with the computer.  Seen below:  a cute little box with very cheery colors, a medium journal, lined, with a gorgeous stones pattern in teal and copper, and a large journal, unlined, in bright tones and a spring green binding.


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