Scarves R Us!

I spent last weekend marbling on fabric (for the second time.)   Worked on small silk handkerchiefs and square silk chiffon scarbes.  It was wicked fun.  Since this was an experiment, I bought the scarves that would fit in a big square tray I had, and didn’t make any special tools for it.  As a result I had to work mainly with a stylus, eye-dropper, and whisk.  It made me try a lot free-form designs which I usually don’t print.  I’m really happy with the results.  Have now ordered some more conventional oblong scarves, and will have to make a tray for it.


2 thoughts on “Scarves R Us!

  1. hi there! got to your website through the yahoogroup on papermaking&books. I just saw your wonderful scarves of silk, and was wondering if you could tell me about the sort of paint you use and where to get it? (I live in the Netherlands, so if it’s an American store I guess it won’t work.)
    Thanks a lot!!
    I am starting out with printing/painting on cloth, and could use all the tips I can get 🙂


    • I’ll reply at more length by email, but I use Golden Fluid Acrylics thinned with water for marbling. These photos are actually kind of lame; I will have better ones soon.

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