Diving in with fabric

After the workshop I had methyl cel left and also acrylic paints already mixed and thinned.  So I took the plunge and tried out working on fabric.   I’d bought several items “ready-to-dye” from Dharma Trading, and started with some simple cotten hankerschiefs.  This was pretty unplanned – I added some GAC900 to the paints I’d mixed for the paper workshop, and hoped for the best.  The first one came out too pale, but eventually I got some decent results.  I made sets of three in the same pattern but different colors, thinking I might sell them in sets of three.  The hankies, about 14″ square, are small enough that I could manage laying them on the size by myself.  Of the 12 I did, 9 are good enough to sell, and three I’ll keep myself. I went back to using cloth hankies about 12 years ago, inspired by finding some that had belonged to my mother.  It makes sense, given that I go through enormous amounts of tissues.  Perhaps others in the green frame of mind will think so too.


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