Art by the Tracks

flowersTomorrow. Saturday, October 29th David and I are off to a show right here in downtown  Black Mountain.  Art by the Tracks features 50 juried artists, music, food, and fun.  These flowers are the latest addition to my offerings.  I’ll be doing marbling demos off and on during the day, too.  Come on down, the weather will be wonderful!   Do some early holiday shopping.  David’s got some great new stained glass.

Pushing the comfort zone

After considerable internal debate, I’ve registered for “A Show of Hands,” the 35th Show of HandsInternational Calligraphy Conference.  No, you have not missed something.  I have long admired calligraphy but never taken a single class.  But, this conference is being held at Warren Wilson College, a scant 12 minute drive from my home, and it may be my only chance ever to attend. The cost was not insignificant, even without campus housing, so it means I’ll be foregoing a singing week at another location which would have been pure joy but not stretched me in the same ways.

From among the course offerings I’ve selected one that places more emphasis on making books, and somewhat less on the techniques of Cheryl Mootelettering that might be included.  “All levels welcome!”  it boldly proclaimed.  And even more than an interest in calligraphy, which partners so well with marbling, I need encouragement to finally start making books with content, rather than exclusively producing blank journals for the creativity of others.  “Heartfelt, Handmade,” taught by Cherryl Moote seems to fill the bill. At least, this is the class I requested and hope to be taking!   See also:

At least I have until June 25 to take out the random calligraphy pens and inks that I’ve purchased over the years, and see if I can at least condition my hand muscles so they don’t cramp up when the time comes!  Now, I wonder if I can sell some marbled paper to all these great calligraphers and book artists who will be in attendance.  Hmmmmn.


International Ebru Project

Exciting – yesterday my mimg_20160223_102735357.jpgaterials arrived for participation in the International Project Ebru Patchwork.  We each have two pieces of fabric to marble which will be incorporated into a large composite display of marbling/ebru from around the world.  Now I just have to get it done and figure out how to send it back to the Czech Republic by their deadline. Too cold in the garage to marble in winter, but I’ll set up somewhere else.


2015 – where did it go?

Did “Art on the Lawn” in Black Mountain in late October.

Learned the “Secret Belgian Binding” from my friend Anne Murray.

Had fun with a tunnel book form for the Bookworks book exchange.

Gave a lecture/demo for the Brush and Palette Club of Lenoir, NC


A week at the Folk School, again!

NOTE:  This marvelous event happened in September; I just now found this post languishing in my ‘drafts’!   (Though if you follow the FB page you did see in a while back.)

After ten years of marbling, would you think I should still be taking marbling classes?   Absolutely!!  There are always new things to learn, and this week offered a bonanza of tips, tools, techniques and general wisdom, generously provided by Regina and Dan St. John, of Chena River Marblers.

Show preparation

Yesterday went through the inventory ritual – which was long overdue.  Sorting through all the piles of paper.  Some times it’s like meeting an old friend with great enthusiasm.  Sometimes it’s like meeting an old flame and wondering “what the heck did I ever see in ___?”   Then the slicing starts.  Cutting off bad parts, paring full sheets into smaller sizes, salvaging small pieces for cards or origami.IMG_20151020_160321023 IMG_20151020_160303736

Workshop filling up!

I recently scheduled my first marbling workshop since moving to our new house a few months ago.  With the large garage/studio I can accommodate a small group comfortably.  A few places are left in the class on Saturday, June 7.  $75.00 includes all materials needed, use of a full set of tools, and of course friendly instruction and lots of fun!   Check the workshops page for more information.  IMG_20140412_110610 IMG_20140416_165707